Lonsec Limited – Name Change & Office Locations

It has been over two months now since FinClear Pty Ltd (FinClear Group) announced its acquisition of Lonsec Stockbroking.

At the time, we were keen to point out that there would be little change to and its operations due to this change in ownership.

Both services and staff have remained unchanged, and the experienced team of advisers in Melbourne and Sydney continue to deliver the quality investment advice, portfolio review and execution services that they are known for.

Most importantly however, there was no need to enter any new arrangements with yourself nor any need to re-paper your clients.

As part of our sale agreement with Lonsec Fiscal, the Stockbroking business is now required to undergo both a change of business name as well as relocation to new offices.

Transition To A New Brand

The stockbroking management team felt it was important to operate under a name that explains what we do, but at the same time does not detract from your brand, as we very much understand that it’s your business that the end investor deals with.

With this in mind, we will be changing the business name to FinClear Execution Ltd.

This will come into effect as of the 19th December 2016.

What does this mean for your business?

As per the previous communications detailing the acquisition of Lonsec Stockbroking by FinClear in October there is absolutely no change to our business model.

The only changes that will be identifiable is the change of name on our contract notes, CHESS statements, our Financial Services Guide (FSG), and trading forms.

Considering the change of name will end investors be repapered?

The short answer to this is No.

Regardless of the name change there is no change to sponsorship or client agreements.

Sponsorship agreements, account opening documents, direct debit/credit authorities or permissioning around CMA live links will NOT need to be re-signed with your existing end investors.


Both the Sydney and Melbourne teams will relocate to our new office locations this month.

The Sydney team has moved this weekend and are now operating out of our North Sydney offices. The new address is;

Level 5, 53 Walker Street,
North Sydney NSW 2060

Trading Desk (Toll Free): 1800 155 514 (no change)
Trading Desk: +61 2 8039 9200

The Melbourne team will move this weekend, the 17th/18th December, operating out of our new Little Lonsdale Street address on the 19th. The new address will be;

Level 3, 533 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Trading Desk (Toll Free): 1800 649 518 (no change)
Trading Desk: +61 3 9081 3400 (as of the 19/12/16)

Lastly, the Operations desk will be contactable on their new number, being +61 3 9081 3480, as of the 19th December 2016.

I can’t reinforce enough that our ongoing focus is to ensure that our stockbroking business will continue to be “Business as Usual” when dealing with yourself and your staff.

If you have any questions or queries about the brand change or new office locations, please feel free to contact either myself or Ian Aspinall on the details below.

David Ferrall (CEO, FinClear Pty Ltd)
Phone: +61 2 8039 6001
Email: David.ferrall@finclear.com.au

Ian Aspinall (General Manager, Business Development Lonsec Limited)
Phone: +61 3 9623 6365
Email: ian.aspinall@finclear.com.au