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FinClearOne is part of the FinClear Group, the largest wholesale broking firm in Australia. The FinClear Group services hundreds of wholesale clients including the country’s leading stockbrokers, dealer groups and Fintechs as well as large institutional clients.


services we provide

FinClearOne offers a range of cash management and FX services to support your client’s needs. In particular, we endeavour to ensure that your clients receive the best rate possible on cash invested and a competitive Spot FX rate every time you need to convert AUD to another currency.

For cash management, FinClearOne offers institutional and wholesale investors an aggregated range of cash investment products and will suggest the best rate for your client’s needs across a broad range of leading financial institutions term deposit products.

We provide automated price discovery, portfolio optimisation, administration, and compliance services to meet your regulatory demands and ongoing risk management.



FinClearOne also provides institutional and wholesale investors with the ‘FinClear Cash Income Fund’, a managed fund of term deposits which is diversified across numerous leading banks to meet your compliance requirements and risk profiles.

FinClearOne operates a fully automated cash management system that continuously seeks the best rate from a panel of banks and transacts cash efficiently. This panel includes leading Australian and international banks. This unique and proven cloud-based infrastructure provides transparency, security, daily liquidity, and accessible reporting.

On the FX side, FinClearOne can provide Spot FX at competitive rates via leading Australian and International bank counterparties. Please get in touch so we can compare our rates against your current providers.


Why FinClearOne?

We do the work for you by managing the process for finding the best direct TD (or Cash Income Fund) and facilitating the required administration to open your account

Rates and returns are top tier evidenced by our 5-year track record against other cash products and platforms

We offer short-term liquidity Our Cash Income Fund offers daily redemptions if required

Strong relationships with a broad group of banks, locally and internationally means we always find the best rates for our clients circumstances.



We are independent and non-conflicted – we deal with all financial institutions not just those that pay us a commission

We have solutions for large and small investors offering a direct TD service and a Cash Income Fund to best suit client outcomes utilising our proprietary smart technology

We are specialists in cash management through our vastly experienced and well-connected team

With more than $3+ billion currently managed on its platform, FinClearOne lets investors readily access a portfolio of high interest earning term deposits without the administration burden. For more information please get in touch here or by phoning our team on (07) 3506 0069.