Burrell Stockbroking and Superannuation has chosen FinClear to replace ASX Best for its multimarket trading needs.

Multimarket trading terminal ASX Best will be turned off on September 30. A spokesperson from the ASX confirmed to Financial Standard that ASX Best is retiring at the end of the month as providing multimarket trading terminals is not core to the ASX’s business.

FinClear has partnered with Burrell Stockbroking and Superannuation to replace the ASX Best multimarket trading application with its TradeCentre offering.

Burrell chief executive Chris Burrell said FinClear TradeCentre has all the features to enable market participants to seamlessly continue trading as they transition away from the retiring ASX Best.

“Our firm’s needs are straight forward – a stable, reliable market connection that allows us to trade on behalf of our clients with the least possible risk,” he said.

“Our connection with FinClear goes back a number of years, and we’re delighted to be able to implement this new solution into our business.”

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