Blockchain is coming, we are all doomed!…or maybe not according to the latest ASX CHESS Replacement update.

We, in the world of broking and anything ASX related, have been reading about our impending doom for years now. Blockchain is coming and it will change everything. Wake up you fools; the world will never be the same again! Business models are obsolete, technology is out of date, move now or it will be too late!

To be fair, I am nowhere near qualified enough to draw a full conclusion on this and I may very well end up as the Betamax man (ask your parents) but as far as the ASX CHESS replacement plans go (published on April 27 2018), the likely changes from using a distributed ledger (rather than a “Blockchain”*) although significant and worthy do not look like they will impact on any current business models or cause too many people to operate differently going forward.

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