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FC Group

The FinClear Group

The FinClear Group is Australia’s leading independent technology and infrastructure provider for financial markets both listed and private. Beginning in 2015 with FinClear, we have now grown and expanded to become the FinClear Group. Making up the group is three diverse brands with their own unique offerings being FinClear, FCX and Transact1.

As a group we are fortunate to now have an exceptionally broad client base. This client base gives us the opportunity to deliver even more efficient, cost effective and revolutionary products and services. Learn more about each of these brands and the value they bring to our clients:


FinClear - Australia’s leading full-service provider of listed infrastructure

FinClear is Australia’s leading full-service provider of listed infrastructure; a one-stop shop for services usually outsourced by financial advisers, wealth managers, stockbrokers, and fintechs to multiple vendors.

FinClear technology provides a cost-effective alternative to custody or wrap wealth management platforms, enabling stockbrokers, wealth managers, financial planners and fintech providers to access capital markets cost effectively for their retail clients.

FinClear provides end-to-end infrastructure for listed assets, including trading solutions for international capital markets, clearing and settlement, managed accounts, and stock lending.


FCX – The home of private market capital markets

FCX provides the private investment sector with an unlisted assets registry, starting with private companies, that parallels listed markets’ securities exchanges.

FCX offers a new, tech-enabled ecosystem for real-time, efficient, tokenised security trading and capital raising. FCX operates on distributed ledger technology (DLT) providing investors with direct ownership and control of their investment assets, enabling immediate, interruption-free settlement on trades, more cost effectively and with improved security. For private market exchanges it delivers improved transparency, accuracy, accountability, and efficiencies.


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Transact1 – A smarter way to manage cash investments

Transact1 operates a robust cloud-based platform that hosts the majority of Australia’s deposit-taking financial institutions, including leading Australian and international banks. It offers institutional and wholesale investors an aggregated range of cash investment products and provides automated price discovery, portfolio optimisation, administration, and compliance services to meet regulatory demands and ongoing risk management.

Transact1 also offers institutional and wholesale investors the Wealth Cash Income Fund, a term deposit managed fund for smaller cash investments which Transact1 then diversifies across numerous banks to meet necessary compliance requirements and risk profiles. Transact1 lets investors readily access a portfolio of high interest earning term deposits without the administration burden.