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Our Story

While Australia has one of the most vibrant and sophisticated financial services markets in the world, the technology and service foundations are mostly clunky and outdated. In 2015, David Ferrall set out to change this. Originally focused on clearing and settlement, from that early seed the concept of a HIN platform – a complete infrastructure for listed products, stretching from end client to clearing house – was born. Fast forward to today and there is now a genuine understanding and support for a ‘markets technology platform’ and how that is different from a traditional wrap platform.

The FinClear model, where we charge only when we ‘do’ something, rather than the passive FUA bps fee that others charge, has resonated. As we always say, why should you pay 10x more for hosting $10,000 of a listed security, vs $100,000, when the digital footprint is the same?


FinClear has made two pivotal corporate acquisitions in recent years. The acquisitions of Dion Australia (now part of FinClear Technology) in 2018 and Pershing Securities Australia in 2021 (now rebranded as FinClear Services) has given the FinClear Group unique scale and capability. FinClear is now the market leading provider in Australia of execution, clearing and settlement services, all using our proprietary technology.

FinClear is fortunate to now have an exceptionally broad and diverse client base. This client base gives us the opportunity – and challenge – to deliver even more efficient, cost effective and revolutionary products and services.

Magellan Financial Group invested in FinClear in 2020 as a clear endorsement of the FinClear vision. We are delighted to have welcomed a number of new institutional investors since then who share our excitement for the future.

We have consistently extolled the future benefits of the ASX DLT project and how it will not only deliver further efficiencies for our business, but also ultimately create opportunities for the elimination of what we consider unnecessary ‘layers of fees’ in financial services.

We have much more to deliver in the next few years but we are excited for what the future holds!

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