At FinClear, technology and progress are in our DNA. Our Financial Markets infrastructure could be likened to other major global platforms that deal with massive amounts of data and huge volumes of transactions that are executed in real time to a vast audience.

We are the only service provider in the space that owns both our own regulatory and technology infrastructure. Most have either one or the other. Therefore, we listen to our clients and build technology solutions that help solve their problems.

We are a wholesale provider only, we do not deal directly with retail clients and most importantly we do not compete with our intermediary clients - that is our number 1 rule! Integrity, independence, security and self-reliance underpins our ability to deliver and quickly scale for Financial Markets.

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Since founding FinClear in 2015, with a focus on clearing and settlement, the concept of a more comprehensive client focused platform was envisaged – the HIN platform, a complete infrastructure for listed products, stretching from end client to clearing house.

Listening to our clients has played a key role in our evolution, we want our infrastructure to make their lives easier, be more competitive, and importantly generate efficiencies for us both.

Although we are foremost a tech company, client service is at our core and it's our people and expertise that create and drive our technological innovation. I am very proud of our world-class team and their dedication to making a difference with our solutions.

FinClear's future will be bigger and brighter as we expand our platform with further products and capabilities. We have accomplished a lot, but our sights are set on what we haven't done, and that's the competitive advantage we offer to our clients.

David Ferrall - Founder & CEO

What gives FinClear the clear advantage?

The technology underpinning Australian financial institutions is typically a mix of legacy systems, newer technology, and pieces provided by various vendors. While this may be adequate, it’s not ideal.

Whereas FinClear uses the same kind of technology ‘stack’ (combination of technologies that come together to deliver our products and services) that the big global platforms use. These companies build and own all their technology from the backend, the servers and underlying applications, through to the client’s mobile interface. This makes them fast, flexible, and able to service billions of customers at once.

FinClear, like the big tech companies, has the ability to stream products and services to an almost infinite number of users with no downtime, no scheduled maintenance, and no reliance on external providers.

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