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Welcome to The FinClear Group

The FinClear Group of companies is a technology and financial market infrastructure business. In addition to operating its own HIN platform, it enables wealth and stockbroking entities by providing platform technology solutions and market access.


Are you a market participant?

Are you a market participant looking for clearing and settlement?

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Are you an adviser?

Are you an adviser or wealth manager looking for execution and trading services?

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Are you an AFSL holder looking for complete third-party execution services?

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Third Party Clearing and Settlement

The FinClear Group of Companies will help you bring innovative investment solutions to business quickly — without the costs and delays of in-house development. Built and managed in Australia, for Australian firms, we offer wholesale execution services and clearing and settlement outsourcing services, all in collaboration with our banking partner BNP Paribas.

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What we do

FinClear Pty Ltd is an ASX General Clearing and Settlement Participant offer third party clearing and settlement services to market participants within the Australian Stockbroking community.

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Who we are

FinClear Execution Ltd (“FinEx”), a market participant, offers its services to Financial Planners, Advisers and those AFSL holders who need a venue to execute trades on both the ASX and CHI-X markets.

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Why us

Our open architecture will help you meet the broad range of the modern investor needs, and features the ability to customise your offering.

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