Our cloud-based API infrastructure provides direct market access to ASX and Chi-X as well as an extensive range of broking services to help you grow and scale your business.

For order management we offer two API types – REST and FIX.

We support all order types across the ASX and Chi-X, plus we offer algos and conditional order services as well.

Our account and market data APIs are a combination of REST (http) and Streaming Services (Web Sockets).

The FinClear TradeCentre API suite can be viewed here and is easily accessed via OAuth 2.0 to provide a wide range of services.

Contact us to find out more and join the fast-growing FinClear fintech community.

  • Accounts – access all account information, adviser details, branch details and organisational information.

  • Orders and trading – place orders in real time, amend orders, view completed orders and order history

  • Back office – access all your contract notes, CHESS holdings, ledger transactions banking details and bank

  • Market data – real-time and delayed access to instruments, depth, trades, price quotes and indices

  • Company – get access to company fundamentals, dividends, financial results, shareholder details, director details and floats

  • News – realtime access to company news

  • Identity access management – take control of user setup and role management

  • Account opening – create your own user experience

  • Transfers and Conversions – Initiate and manage share transfers with workflows and event-based status updates

Data feeds

We support most of the commonly used data feeds in the Australian finance industry. If we don’t have a feed, it’s a quick and easy process to build a new one for you.

Data Feeds