Five minutes with Lisa Pham

Spend five minutes with Lisa Pham, Technology Delivery Manager, and find out why she hates her handbag, and why she secretly still wants to play in a field.

What are your favourite things about your job?

Every day is a different day, that’s the best, because you never get bored. It’s flexible, because we’re a smaller company, so you can go beyond your job description and find more opportunities. And it’s homely because we all know each other, and I really like that too.

What are your favourite things to do outside of work?

Spending time with my family, and just trying to stay active. I love interior design, so a little hobby of mine is doing up the house, decorating it and making it look pretty. I’m a minimalist which has been hard with young kids, but they’re getting older now – our youngest is six – so it’s not as bad as it was! There’s still plenty of Lego lying about but I can play around with my aesthetic more now which pleases me very much.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given?

My dad has always taught us to that things don’t come to you, you have to work and work hard for them. You have to put the hard yards to achieve a goal, it doesn’t just come about with nothing.

What advice would you offer others?

Setting a good example is important. I think if you set a good example in terms of how you behave and deal with things, others will naturally take that on.

What emerging technology are you excited about?

For me I think technology that might be quite small and simple, but that really changes your day to day life. Phones for example – really you don’t need to take anything except your phone when you go out somewhere these days. I remember in movies 10-15 years ago they’d have facial recognition and it was so sci-fi and high tech, and now it’s here. As a minimalist it pleases me not to take handbags full of stuff everywhere. And as an optimist I believe technology will continue to get better and better and it’s going to be great for humanity.

Where do you live and what do you like about it?

I’ve always been in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I was born and bred here, my family is here, it’s familiar and close to all the things I like and enjoy. My kids go to school just around the corner from where I went, and I like that continuity.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would say Japan. I’ve never been and I’ve always wanted to go. I love the food – LOVE the food – and everyone who goes seems to rave about it. So that trip will be a big priority once we can travel again.

What was the best holiday you’ve ever taken?

Oh man it feels like a lifetime ago! The last family holiday was to Brisbane. That’s the kids’ favourite holiday, they love the theme parks and the Queensland lifestyle. For me it’s less about where we go as long as everyone is there, happy, present, and able to switch off and enjoy each other’s company. But I still want to go to Japan!

If you could wake up one day magically able to play any sport perfectly which would you choose and why?

I’m going to choose field hockey. I played when I was young and I wasn’t great at it but I loved it, and I’ve always wanted to be really good at it!