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FinEx Documents

FinEx Best Execution Policy

FinEx Privacy Policy

FinEx Financial Service Guide

FinEx MDA Supplementary FSG

FinEx Terms of Trade

FinEx Warrant Client Agreement Form

FinEx Class Super Authority Form

FinEx On Market Bookbuild Agreement

FinEx Sponsorship Form

FinEx Direct Debit Form

FinEx Off Market Transfer Form

NOTE: FinEx Migration to FinClear Pty Ltd

As of the 29th September 2017 FinClear Execution Ltd (“FinEx”) has moved to FinClear Pty Ltd for the purpose of Clearing and Settlement.

If you require access to Iress Trader or other user interfaces and are having difficulty accessing those interfaces please contact EquityOps at

If you require access to Client Holdings or Contract Notes we will need to provide you access to Trade Centre Wealth. Again, please contact EquityOps at

 FinEx Change Of Address Form

FinEx Account Opening Form_TC