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Our technology and services power the investment cycle at international finance firms and domestic Big Four banks through to national stockbrokers and boutique wealth managers. Wherever Australians invest and trade, FinClear is there to make the experience better for everyone.

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FinClear HIN Platform

The FinClear HIN Platform is the first zero-brokerage, non-custodial alternative to ‘wrap’ platforms in over 30 years.

FinClear is the only Australian company to own the full technology and licensing chain from desktop to CHESS, enabling efficient solutions across portfolio management, trading, clearing and settlement through to the adviser’s choice of administration platform.

Based on individual Holder Identification Numbers (HINs) allowing for full direct ownership by the end investor and the numerous advantages this enables.

FinClear HIN Platform

Managed Discretionary Accounts

The rise and rise of MDAs is bringing efficient, cost-effective investment options to more Australians every day. FinClear’s unique MDA, powered by our HIN Platform, turbo-charges this efficiency with MDAs that can be used in more flexible ways, bringing a multitude of advantages to both advisers and their clients.

With built-in contract note manufacture, low capped fees, free brokerage, transparent structure and full end-investor beneficial ownership, FinClear MDAs can be used as standalone products or as part of a range of services that help wealth businesses achieve more with less.

Managed Accounts
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$0 brokerage managed account solutions

  • A range of model portfolios are available to assist the advisor match the end clients investment risk profile to our new managed account offering
  • All trades within the MDA structure are completed at nil brokerage
  • FinEx (who is part of the FinClear group of companies) is the MDA provider and not the advisor

*Investment Manager Fees can range from 0.1-1.2%, please contact FinClear for further information on Investment Manager Fees

Disclaimer and Warning

References to FinClear means the FinClear group of companies which includes FinClear Pty Ltd (FinClear), FinClear Execution Ltd (FinEx) and FinClear Technology Pty Ltd (FinTech). All advisory and trading services is provided by FinEx who is an ASX Trading and Settlement Participant and holds an AFSL (AFSL No 246842). Clearing and settlement services are provided by FinClear Pty Ltd, an ASX Clearing and Settlement Participant who holds AFSL No 481017. Technology products and services are provided by FinTech.
Any advice provided by FinEx is general in nature only and does not take into account the personal financial situation, objectives or needs of any particular person.