Platform APIs and Data Feeds

Our FinClear / TradeCentre platform is a Cloud based open eco-system. We support most of the commonly used Data Feeds in the Australian Finance industry and if we don’t have a feed, it is a quick and easy process to build a new feed with our Technology Stack.

Not only do we support various feeds to pass your data to other vendors in your Eco-System but also have comprehensive APIs and a Developer Hub for you or other Vendors to interact with our platform.

We use OAuth2 to ensure all your data is maintained to the highest security protocols while enabling all the core features of the platform via an API.

  • Account Opening
  • Account Lists and Inquiries
  • Holdings, Confirmations, Ledgers
  • Order placement and Management
  • Bulk Orders
  • Booking Instructions
  • Market Data (Live and 20 minute delayed)
  • Company Data

Data Feeds