I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a safe and happy Easter break.

It has been an incredibly challenging last few months for us all as we have had to adapt our lives to this ‘new world’ and come to terms with COVID-19. I’m so proud of our FinClear family, who have all done an outstanding job keeping our business thriving while doing their parts to ‘flatten the curve’.

The social distancing rules and isolation from friends and family have been very tough for all of us. I have definitely had some hard moments over the past weeks. As a business we moved early and understand the reasoning and necessity to self-isolate, but to be unable to see close friends, family and in particular elderly parents/grandparents over what should be a period of celebration is particularly difficult even as we accept that it is necessary.

As an essential infrastructure provider to financial markets we are in an enviable position of remaining busy, functioning and importantly keeping our team employed through this challenging period. Many are not so lucky, and we are all no doubt touched by friends and family that need our support, even as we meet the challenge of supporting ourselves through this strange and awful time. If you are struggling, I would be glad to chat or help you connect with someone who can help – my virtual ‘door’ is open for everyone.

I urge you all over the next four days to connect with friends and family, even if it is in the virtual world, and take time away from business pressures and demands to refresh and focus on what really are the important things in life. While we are in the thick of it right now, hold on to the fact that this will pass. I can’t wait to see you all again as soon as I can.

Warmest thoughts to you and your family on this holiday. Happy Easter.

Kind regards,
David Ferrall