FinClear and FinEx – operational and personnel update

/FinClear and FinEx – operational and personnel update

FinClear and FinEx – operational and personnel update

Since the FinClear group acquired Lonsec Stockbroking in late 2016, there have been many changes across our business which we recognise have at times impacted your business.

In addition, however, behind the scenes, we have gone about upgrading our whole ‘technology stack’ to bring further efficiencies to both our business and ultimately to you our client. These upgrades were necessary to drive our business into the future and provide a platform capability that our clients would benefit from. Important initiatives such as electronic account opening and dynamic order books for both domestic and international trading are two such initiatives highlighted by clients and which we will be in a position to deliver over the course of this year. This upgrade of our capabilities is now coming to fruition and we are excited to share these and many other capabilities with you over the coming months.

Other capabilities upgraded or initiated over the course of 2017 include our capital markets offerings where we participated in most of the LIC and LIT offerings and the addition of a strategic research capability through Bill Keenan, with whom you already know well.

Having received further feedback from clients around our service and engagement levels, we have undertaken a restructure to more clearly align our service delivery with our client requirements and clarify business lines.

We now have three clear business units, and brands, that tie themselves readily to the natural client/service match. FinClear is the ‘HeadCo’ and the fully integrated business units are:

  1. FinClear – Third party clearing (one client presently being FinEx, both Wealth and Trade, with more to come)
  2. FinEx Wealth – the original business we bought from Lonsec with many enhancements either in place or well advanced
  3. FinEx Trade – our electronic ‘low touch/low fee’ offering


Key points of each are outlined in the summary table below:

BrandEntityKey servicesSenior executive
FinClearFinClear Pty LtdOur holding companyDavid Ferrall
Third party clearing (TPC)
FinEx WealthFinClear Execution LtdFull service wholesale stockbroking Steve McLean
Lonsec research
Lonsec model portfolios
Portfolio review
Strategic research
FinEx TradeFinClear Execution LtdDirect market access (DMA)Martin Tuckwell
DMA + algorithm
Designated trading representative (DTR)



Selected team list and contact details:

NamePositionContact details
David FerrallFinClear +61 2 8039 6001
CEO & Managing Director+61 437 699 558
Steve McLeanFinEx Wealth+61 424 163 529
Director & Head of
Mark AshtonFinEx Wealth 1800 155 514
Head of Wholesale Equities Desk+61 2 8039 9202
+61 400 676 020
Tim WeaverFinEx Wealth+61 3 9081 3405
Business Development+61 402 160 868
Marcell FarinaccioFinEx Wealth1800 649 518
Wholesale Equities Desk+61 3 9081 3411
+61 414 327 293
Sarah FillmoreFinEx Wealth+61 423 653 675
Reviews & Business
Christine CooperFinEx Wealth1800 649 518
Wholesale Equities Desk+61 3 9081 3401
+61 402 215 571
Bill KeenanFinEx Wealth1800 649 518
Head of Strategic Research+61 3 9081 3404
+61 403 534 426
Martin TuckwellFinEx Trade+61 2 8039 9205
Head of Execution Services+61 421 646 697
Jessica LeongFinClear+61 3 9081 3413
Manager, Legal & Compliance+61 414 398 499
Tim TraynorFinEx Wealth & Trade+61 3 9081 3480
Equity Operations+61 3 9081 3410
+61 400 922 703
Stephanie McCormickFinEx Wealth & Trade+61 3 9081 3480
Equity Operations+61 3 9081 3409
+61 430 351 740

Kind Regards

The FinClear team


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